LitStaff Pick: Fandoms and General Geekiness

The Dead
James Joyce

This seminal story has everything: love, ghosts, Dublin, and a great party scene—but it wasn’t until this site’s sage editor-in-chief posed the question, “What story do you think would make a great comic?” that I considered The Dead in graphic form. Suddenly, I could see the panels of black and white in the epic night and snow. I could see Gabriel Conroy’s moodiness, his introspection, and the sadness of his wife Gretta, whose heart breaks all over again when she hears The Lass of Aughrim, the song a boy, Michael Furey, once sang to her. The idea nagged at me, wondering how this great story might translate to caption and image. You can find the results here:


Scenes from The Dead, © Lauren Alwan 2012

-Lauren Alwan

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5 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: Fandoms and General Geekiness

  1. Goodness, do I ever love this idea. (I think the comic needs a link-through, though, so we can see it full-size!).

    1. Kira, will check about a link-through–but in the meantime, to view 'Scenes from The Dead' in larger format, you can try the zoom feature on your browser and see if that helps.

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