LitStaff Pick: Fandoms and General Geekiness

American Gods
Neil Gaiman

For me, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods begs to be made into a graphic novel – no other medium could suffice.   (That HBO has optioned it for a mini-series is a travesty to my sensibilities.)  The gritty, hyper-sensualized imagery that Gaiman evokes, and the bizarre yet instinctual subject matter that he taps into (an ex-con drifter with personal ghosts, forgotten mythology clawing to survive, off-the-main-roads Americana), could only be given justice by genre-driven illustration of the highest caliber.  I would dare anyone who worships the literary macabre and the theatre of language to read American Gods and then disagree.

– Sharon Browning

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  1. Goodness, do I ever love this idea. (I think the comic needs a link-through, though, so we can see it full-size!).

    1. Kira, will check about a link-through–but in the meantime, to view 'Scenes from The Dead' in larger format, you can try the zoom feature on your browser and see if that helps.

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