23 September, 2021

2016 World Fantasy Award Winners Announced


This weekend, at the World Fantasy Convention held in Columbus, Ohio, the winners of the 2016 World Fantasy Awards were announced. The World Fantasy Awards have been handed out since 1975; nominees and winners are decided by both a panel of industry judges and attendees of the World Fantasy Convention.

Also this weekend, literary editor David G. Hartwell and writer Andrzej Sapkowski were recognized for their contributions to the genre with WFA Lifetime Awards.
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Here are the nominees and winners of the 2016 World Fantasy Awards:




  • WINNER: The Unlicensed Magician by Kelly Barnhill
  • “The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn” by Usman T. Malik (com, Apr. 22, 2015)
  • “Guignol” by Kim Newman (Horrorology, edited by Stephen Jones)
  • “Waters of Versailles” by Kelly Robson (com, June 10, 2015)
  • “Farewell Blues” by Bud Webster (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan./Feb. 2015)

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  • WINNER: “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by Alyssa Wong (Nightmare magazine, Oct. 2015)
  • “The Neurastheniac”by Selena Chambers (Cassilda’s Song, edited by Joseph S. Pulver)
  • “Pockets” by Amal El-Mohtar (Uncanny Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2015)
  • “The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History” by Sam J. Miller (Uncanny Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2015)
  • “The Deepwater Bride” by Tamsyn Muir (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/Aug. 2015)



  • WINNER: She Walks in Shadows, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles
  • The Doll Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow
  • Black Wings IV: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, edited by S. T. Joshi
  • Cassilda’s Song: Tales Inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ King in Yellow Mythos, edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr,
  • Aickman’s Heirs, edited by Simon Strantzas

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  • WINNER: Bone Swans, by C. S. E. Cooney
  • Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction, by Leena Krohn
  • Skein and Bone, by V. H. Leslie
  • Get in Trouble, by Kelly Link
  • Reality by Other Means: The Best Short Fiction of James Morrow, by James Morrow
  • You Have Never Been Here, by Mary Rickert



  • WINNER: Galen Dara
  • Richard Anderson
  • Julie Dillon
  • Kathleen Jennings
  • Thomas S. Kueble



  • WINNER: Stephen Jones, for The Art of Horror
  • Neil Gaiman, Dave Stewart, and J. H. Williams III, for The Sandman: Overture
  • Robert Jordan, Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk, and Maria Simons, for The Wheel of Time Companion: The People, Places and History of the Bestselling Series
  • Joe Monti, for contributions to the genre
  • Heather J. Wood, for Gods, Memes and Monsters: A 21st Century Bestiary



  • WINNER: John O’Neill, for Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature
  • Scott H. Andrews, for Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Literary Adventure Fantasy
  • Jedediah Berry and Eben Kling, for The Family Arcana: A Story in Cards
  • Alexandra Pierce and Alisa Krasnostein, for Letters to Tiptree
  • Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas, for Uncanny Magazine
  • Helen Young, for Tales After Tolkien Society



  • David G. Hartwell – American editor of thousands of fantasy/sci-fi books and award winning anthologies
  • Andrzej Sapkowski – Polish fantasy writer, best known for The Witcher series


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

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