Tiny Book of Tiny Stories 2 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and wirrow



From the department of Perfect Hipster Stocking Stuffers . . . Buy it for your brooding-artist cousin, but then selfishly decide to keep it for yourself.” (Philadelphia City Paper )

“Not just a coup for [hitRECord.org] but also an object lesson in how it works.” (New York Times )

“Told with haiku-like precision.” (LA Weekly )

“This tiny book is a winner . . . half short story collection, half communal poem.” (Flavorwire, 10 Must Reads for December 2011 )

“Ingeniously illustrated . . . witty . . . meaningful.” (Entertainment Weekly )

“HitRECord.org, where tens of thousands of contributors now bring their original music, text, illustrations and footage, lets people really “share” their work – not in the YouTube sense of simply posting something and hoping for an enthusiastic response, but in the true spirit of collaboration.” (Salon )

“These clever little stories-really more like illustrated haikus-often pack a wallop despite their slender length, running the gamut from funny to poignant to just plain strange.” (The Hollywood Reporter )

“A victory for the enduring power and allure of physical, bound books.” (The Millions )

“Gordon-Levitt has culled quirky gems for Vol. 2. A handsome hardbound book full of wit, whimsy, and a little wisdom.” (Philadelphia Inquirer )

“A brand new collection of moving (and funny!) stories from the hitRECord family and It Books.” (Entertainment Weekly )


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