7 December, 2022

12/18/18: December Giveaway – Purgatory’s Angel by B. Hughes-Millman

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TITLE – Purgatory’s Angel
AUTHOR – B. Hughes-Millman
GENRE – Paranormal Romance
GIVEAWAY – Two Signed Print Copies, US

Jaime Connor was once one of the mightiest archangels in heaven. Sent to earth to stop demons from claiming another victim in their sleep, she has battled far too long. Tired of all the killing, she awaits the demon who will overpower her and send her back to heaven. 

Yet her life lingers on and a dream she can’t remember plagues her thoughts. Only remnants of her memory remain in the image of a gorgeous demon who circled her before the kill—the scent of Ireland on his breathe, a brogue on his tongue, and the sea in his penetrating eyes. 

The demon must have died. She never would have woken if he hadn’t. That’s how it works. How it’s always worked. So why did he appear in her world the next day? And why is he trying to seduce her? Will he be the fated one to finally steal the life of the strongest dark angel the world has ever known? If she’s lucky, that will be all he steals.

                            GIVEAWAY CLOSED
       **All December giveaways remain open until the end of January.**

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