12/10/18 – December Giveaway: Chasing Destiny by Sydney Ashcroft and Dani Nichols

TITLE – Chasing Destiny
AUTHOR – Sydney Ashcroft and Dani Nichols
GENRE – Urban Fantasy
GIVEAWAY – One E-book

Meet Akantha. Protector. Destined. Cursed.
If there was anything Akantha hated more than the Nazis, it was Damianos. For twenty-four hundred years, Akantha has dedicated her life to defending mortals from destruction, yet the Nazis are determined not just to rule the world but destroy it. Working as a spy for one of Hitler’s highest-ranking officers, she learns that the Nazis are set to get their hands on the ultimate weapon, the Spear of Destiny. She will need the help of the one man she hoped she’d never see again to stop them. Loving Damianos was never a problem. Trusting him is another story. Forgiving him is impossible. Akantha is the Nazis’ most wanted as she races them through Europe to locate the spear. The road is lined with bullets, betrayal, soldiers, and heartbreak. She must navigate it all, along with her past with Damianos, if she is to find the spear. Her life and the fate of the world hang on her success…or failure.


**All December giveaways remain open until the end of January.**

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