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2016 Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced

Americans have the Nebula Awards.  The Brits have the BSFA Awards. And the Australians have the Aurealis Awards. Aurealis is an Australian speculative fiction magazine which was launched in 1990 with the purpose of providing a market for Australian speculative fiction writers, as well as aiming to raise those authors’ public profiles, and in 1995 […]


2017 Writers Guild Awards Winners Announced

Many folks know about the SAG Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards. There’s lots of hoopla surrounding it, lots of stars dressed up in designer clothes, a red carpet and fawning correspondents. Some of you might even watch the ceremony. But did you know there are also major industry awards given out by the Writers […]


Gimbling in the Wabe – Making Sausage

In last week’s 2nd Annual NerdCon: Stories convention, held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, I attended a panel discussion entitled “Sotto Voce:  Finding Your Voice”.  Many of the panelists talked about staying true to yourself, searching for your true voice, and the difficulty that sometimes arises when you find yourself defaulting to a voice that […]


Six Diverse Writers Are Named 2016 MacArthur Fellows

Poet Claudine Rankine, writer Maggie Nelson, artist and writer Lauren Redniss, “long form” journalist Sarah Stillman, graphic novelist and comic book writer Gene Luen Yang, and playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins were named as 2016 MacArthur Fellows (along with 17 other “extraordinary individuals” in such diverse disciplines as linguistics, microbiology, computer science, financial services, sculpture, bioengineering, and […]


2016 Emmy Awards – The Writers

Lest we forget, stories come in many forms.  While we often think of them mainly in terms of novels, short stories, poetry and the like, some of our most enduring stories also come to us through the playwrights and screen writers who provide the framework for the stage plays, television shows and movies that capture […]


Gimbling in the Wabe – A Story Unto Themselves

Over the last few years I’ve been writing the “Literary Birthday” blurbs that appear Monday through Friday on the LitStack sidebar; just a tiny life synopsis about a writer whose birthday occurs on that particular day of the year.  It’s been fun researching not only famous authors, poets, playwrights and journalists, but also writers that […]


Costa Book Awards Shortlist Announced

The Costa Book Awards are a set of annual literary awards recognizing English-language books by writers based in Britain and Ireland.  The awards, which have been handed out since 1972, are given both for high literary merit but also for works that are enjoyable reading and whose aim is to convey the enjoyment of reading […]


Writing for Computer Games

When we think of “writers”, we tend to think of figures hunched over a typewriter or computer keyboard, spewing out great works:  novels, short stories, maybe even magazine or newspaper articles.  But writers are more diverse than that.  Many organizations employ and many disciplines need writers, but we often don’t think of how often or […]