Please Don’t Be Upset
Brandi Wells
Tiny Hardcore Press



Brandi Wells wrote a book and I bought it. Well, the ebook version (I’m not a millionaire). I read all the words in the book on every page and when I got to the last, I was finished with the book. This is how reading works. I enjoyed this book. Throughout the small confessions, notes, lists and letters that make up the short stories of Please Don’t Be Upset, I found myself getting closer and closer to the speaker in the stories and consequently, the author. Wells’ tone always seems familiar, even familial. The voice in my head sounds like the voice of a friend.

I feel like a moron when I try to figure out what exactly it is that Wells and other women writers like her are doing so well in their short stories. I’m not some kid at a magic show trying to figure out how the tricks are done but more like a baseball fan at a game trying to figure out how the hell the pitcher can throw a ball over 100 mph or how Albert Pujols can hit the ball so damn far. Hyperbolic much? Perhaps, but the truth is that writers such as Wells leave their nerves exposed on every page. Her words are dripping with the hardest kind of honesty, a vulnerability on every line that looks you right in the eye.

Please Don’t Be Upset is from Tiny Hardcore Press. This is the second title I’ve read from them, the first being a very strong collection from everybody’s favourite pseudonym xTx entitled Normally Special. Tiny Hardcore Press is very new and very small, but there is already the feeling of a personal touch behind the titles they publish. They believe in their authors and they believe that they are providing strong contributions to the new canon of short fiction that is emerging every day through small presses and Internet journals. Brandi Wells’ book is a fine addition for the Tiny Hardcore catalogue.

Brandi Wells blogs right here.

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