Patrick Modiano Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

LitStack sends out its heartiest congratulations to  French author Patrick Modiano for being awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature!

Patrick Modigliano

Calling him “a Marcel Proust of our time,” the Nobel Academy’s citation stated the award was being conferred on Mr. Modiano, whose works often focus on the effects of the Nazi occupation of France, “for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation”.

Peter Englund, the Nobel Academy’s permanent secretary, said of Thursday’s announcement:  “Patrick Modiano is a well-known name in France but not anywhere else.  He writes children’s books, movie scripts but mainly novels.  His themes are memory, identity and time. His best known work is called Missing Person.  It’s the story about a detective who has lost his memory and his final case is finding out who he really is: he is tracing his own steps through history to find out who he is.”

Mr. Modiano is somewhat reclusive and tends to shun giving interviews, but at a press conference Thursday in Paris he said that he was “keen” to find out why he was chosen.  “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” he said. “It was like I was a bit detached from it all, as if a doppelganger with my name had won.”

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