Book Endings We’d Like to Change

Gone with the Wind
By Margaret Mitchell

Every one of the thirty-some odd times I’ve re-read this, I hope the letters will rearrange themselves into something different. Bonnie will make that hurdle and Scarlett and Rhett will beam with parental pride. Melanie will live. Scarlett will realize, sometime in the first two hundred pages, that she and Ashley Wilkes are probably the most incompatible people on Earth, and that he could never make her happy. That when Scarlett runs home to tell Rhett of her epiphany, he sighs in a thank-God-you-saved-my-life-kinda way and tells her these are the words he’s been waiting for. And they live happily ever after, scandalizing the old biddies that live down the street with their constant faux pas and shameless displays of affection.

-Jennifer Orozco

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