12/02/13 – LitStack’s 2 a Day Giveaway: Idols & Cons by S.S. Michaels

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Idols & Cons
S.S. Michaelsidols and cons
Omnium Gatherum Media (November 10, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0615556434

Jake Wolfram is the biggest, slickest, sickest pop star of our time. Drug-dealing voyeuristic punk, Jake, is yanked from poverty and into the white-hot spotlight after witnessing a crime committed by his neighbor, Damien Tungsten, front man for the boy band, In Dreams. Jake lives life on the run, hiding in the limelight, and resenting every single minute of it. He’s relentlessly pursued by his former friend, psychopathic visual artist, Patrick Salinger, who coerces Jake into helping him turn a grisly murder into a masterpiece. Seizing control of the power he craves, Jake disposes of Damien, confronts Patrick, and lives a bad-boy rock-and-roll lifestyle as he hijacks Damien’s super-stardom. But Damien’s not quite ready to let it go.

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