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LitStack's Flash Fiction Challenge #6

14 March, 2012 by Jennifer Messner

Bravo, writers, on a fantastic round of stories for Flash Fiction Challenge #5! Are you ready for another? Your inspiration this week comes from guest photographer Hilary Kline.

Let your imagination take you where it will, and post your story – 500 words or fewer – on your blog or tumblr or someplace you’d like the rest of us to visit. Drop a link in the comments here, and head off to visit other participants’ posts. As usual, we’ll include a roundup of entries with the next challenge. All are welcome, and it’s all friendly, so be bold and jump right on in!




Writers, if you repost the photo on your blog, please credit photographer Hilary Kline. (And if you happen to be interested in being a guest photographer, let us know – it pays handsomely… in gorgeous stories, profuse thanks, and public acknowledgement of your work.)


The marvelous masterpieces from Flash Fiction Challenge #5 :

Feast, Thomas M. Duncan

Roses and Lilies, Vicki Hudson

Waiting, Chris Ledbetter

The Lily Eater, Madame Paradox

Martine, Lisa Riley Emig

Sprite, Jennifer M. Kaufman




  1. Awesome photo. Hope my story does it justice:

  2.' Jennifer says:

    a little middle-of-the-night-can't-sleep story…

  3.' VeronicaCook says:

    I'm Back! :3 Sorry been swamped with work but here's my entry!

  4. […] so much to LitStack and photographer Hilary Kline for the photo prompt inspiration. Check out the Bedtime Stories page […]

  5.' Madame Paradox says:

    Everything you never needed to know about Arthur and his round table…

  6.' Mohssine says:

    Love, love, love this couple and these phoots!!!! The pictures are completely unique and some of the shots you took were just AMAZING!! I just loved the couple’s sense of style, so cool!!

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