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Howling at the Gates 1.01 – A Normal Day

6 responses to “Howling at the Gates 1.01 – A Normal Day”

  1.' Jim Salicrup says:

    The strip looks good, and I enjoyed this first installment. My only quibble– make the lettering a lot bigger! My eyes ain't getting any younger.

  2.' jpo says:

    What Jim said, plus who's the make character supposed to portray, Rob?

  3.' Rob says:


    Thanks for the kind words! We'll see what we can do about the lettering. It seems like the LitStack site has it reduced some from how it appears on the blog but we're here to serve ALL the audience!

  4.' Rob says:


    The male character's name is Grant. We're strictly fiction up in here so he's meant to portray himself. How very post-modern of us!

  5.' Marvin Mann says:

    Glad to see you doing this. Off to a rocking start!

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