Great Expectations (2013) Trailer 1

Great Expectations (2013). Starring Helena Bonham Carter, Toby Irvine, Jason Flemyng, helenaRalph Fiennes and Holliday Grainger.

The newest trailer for the 2013 film adaptation of “Great Expectations” shows protagonist Pip’s journey through life and his encounters with such characters as the tragic Miss Havisham and her ward Estella.

One possibly controversial aspect of the trailer is that it gives away who bestows on Pip (Jeremy Irvine) a large sum of money, enabling him to live as a gentleman. (The identity of his benefactor is a central mystery of the Charles Dickens novel.)

The trailer also finds Estella (Holliday Grainger), the young girl with whom Pip falls in love, warning him, “You must know, Pip, I have no heart.” Miss Havisham (Helena Bonham-Carter) tells Estella to make Pip fall in love with her, wishing to get revenge on the male gender for the way she was jilted at the altar. “He’s a common laboring boy,” Miss Havisham tells Estella. “You can break his heart.”


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