George R.R. Martin Confirms a Fan Favorite Character Won’t Appear on Game of Thrones

From i09:george rr martin

George R.R. Martin has confirmed on his website that, because of the simplification of Ser Barristan Selmy’s return to the show and the removal of his Arstan alter ego, the character Strong Belwas will not appear on the show. [Not A Blog]

Costar Alfie Allen discusses the state of his character, Theon Greyjoy:

“I think my character is severely misguided. I don’t think he’s super evil. He’s just a boy, really, trying to prove himself to his father. I think that’s a universal theme. Even if you’re not looking for your parents’ approval, you really kind of are. I think there’s a nice guy down there… There’s 15 to 20 percent of Game of Thrones fans who will be feeling sorry for him this season and the rest will just be laughing and enjoying it immensely,”

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