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Category: Graphic Novels and Comics

Category: Graphic Novels and Comics


LitStack Review – Yvain: The Knight of the Lion by M. T. Anderson, Illustrated by Andrea Offermann

Yvain: The Knight of the Lion M. T. Anderson Illustrations by Andrea Offermann Candlewick Press Release Date:  March 14, 2017 ISBN 978-0-7636-5939-4 Don’t be swayed by the publisher’s information: Yes, M. T. Anderson’s graphic novelization of Chrétien de Troyes’s 12th century Arthurian legend is aimed at ages 12 and up, grades 7 and up. Yes, […]


LitStack Review: Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

Angel Catbird Margaret Atwood, Author Johnnie Christmas, Illustrator Tamra Bonvillain, Colorist Dark Horse Books Release Date:  September 6, 2016 ISBN 978-1-50670-063-2 Wait… what? Margaret Atwood, THAT Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale has, at age 76 years of age, written a comic book? Really? Yes, really. Well, okay, not a comic book, a […]


Flash Review – Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Through the Woods Emily Carroll Margaret K. McElderry Books Release Date:  July 15, 2014 ISBN 978-1-4424-6596-1 Oh, my goodness.  There are graphic novels.  There are comic books.  There are illustrated stories.  And then there’s Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods. Five stories, with an Introduction and a Conclusion – two mini-stories, if you would.  They all […]



Infinite Kung Fu Kagan McLeod Top Shelf Productions ISBN-13: 978-1-891830-83-9 ▬ᴥ▬ Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu is a graphic novel that falls broadly under an ancient Chinese literary genre known as wu xia. Prior to the 20th century, wu xia works were not considered by Chinese classicists as being literary in the strictest sense because they […]