The Best Way to Wish Neil Gaiman a Happy Birthday

Today is Neil Gaiman’s birthday, and we at LitStack would like to do a little more to mark the NeilGaiman UNHCRoccasion than simply noting it in our “On this day” sidebar.  After considering – and rejecting – writing a gushing homage, attempting an in-depth biographical article, or publishing one of his poems or shorter stories, we have decided to do something that Neil himself would most likely appreciate:  promote one of his most cherished causes.

In May 2014, Neil and fashion designer Georgina Chapman visited the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, built by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNCHR) to accommodate up to 130,000 units housing people who have fled their homes in war torn Syria.  The experience left a lasting impression on Neil, and he has campaigned tireless since to bring the plight of the refugees to light for those of us who live in lives far more comfortable and secure.

So today, in honor of Neil Gaiman’s 54th birthday, we join him in his efforts to highlight the struggles of the displaced Syrian people.  We urge you to take a few moments and read his article in The Guardian, visit the webpage chronicling his efforts on the UNCHR site, or view the video he released, below, and consider making a contribution to the UNCHR so they can reach more families in desperate need of shelter and protection, and to provide long term support to Azraq and the other refugee camps they run.

Thank you, and to Neil Gaiman, thank you – and happy birthday.

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