LitStaff Pick: Fandoms and General Geekiness

In celebration of ComicCon 2012, this week’s LitStaff Pick is all about fandoms and the general, beloved geekiness that word implies. This post covers all our thoughts, open letters to the characters we love, books we think would make great comics and simple posts on why we love the universes and fandoms we love. I couldn’t say it better than how new contributor Kira Apple describes the anomaly of fandoms, so I’ll just let her speak for me:

The Kingdom of Fans. The Land of Unapologetic Enthusiasts. Where the stormy high seas are ruled by shippers and the dark swamps are inhabited by cynical troglodytes who loved the world way before everyone else came there. Where the wide, windy plains are home to herds of cosplayers in their homemade Browncoats and 4th Doctor scarfs, and throngs of fanfic writers crowd the cobblestones of the overpopulated cities. At times overwhelming, but always welcoming to the truly dedicated, the Fandom is at once an ideal and an inescapable reality.

Let us know about your favorite fandoms, LitStackers. We want to hear from you!

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